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is getting heated. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is here on how mitt romney plans to put america back to work. >>> and "squawk" takes it to the high seas. >> yes. now you will survive. >> it's international talk like a pirate day. arrrh, matey, the second hour of "squawk box" starts now. ♪ >>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to "squawk" on talk like a pirate day. i'm becky quick along with andrew ross-sorkin. the futures are indicated higher. yesterday we had a mixed close. now you see the futures up by 33 points, s&p 500 up by 2 1/3. japan bank becoming the latest to expand monetary easing. that's about $126 billion. and that move to boost the japanese economy helps the nikkei finish at a four-month high and pushed the yen higher. >>> teachers in chicago will be returning to work today, ending the first strike in 25 years. that comes after a tentative contract settlement that will be put to a union vote within a few weeks. it's expected to be passed. we will have more on this story in a few minutes, as well. >>> and a multibillion dollar sports deal could be in the works. it'
over the spectrum. i can tell you from virginia we've got polls which will demonstrate mitt romney way up, we ha've got polls that indicat somehow he's way outside the margin of losing, from my perspective on the ground and what i see at home across the country it's a tight race and we're going to run this thing through the tape and in the end i believe in 42 days you'll see mitt romney pull ahead and win this thing. >> virginia is an important state. what is the swing factor, what are people watching closely? >> look, listen, our economy and unemployment numbers in virginia tend to be a little better than average but one thing that is particular and specific to virginia are these looming defense cuts. we have a very rich heritage of participation in the defense of our country in the commonwealth and with the ability for us to go forward as a country, virginia plays a very important role and when you see the president refusing to get involved with substituting these defense cuts it will have a real impact on the communities across our commonwealth and it means real jobs and it will mea
northern virginia, arapahoe county in colorado, and the hard edge of the republican party that has cost the republicans for instance senate seats in virginia, senate seats in a senate race because the democratic party was successfully able to label the republican candidate out of the mainstream, too hard edge, unsympathetic and romney is play into that narrative. >> the people it appeals to are the people he already has, doesn't necessarily go to women -- exactly. >> one other aspect of this, he's not a nimble candidate. can you ever imagine george w. bush, ronald reagan, bill clinton, you know, these guys were pros at events like this, and it's a reminder. >> it was provided by jimmy carter's grandson, that doesn't get any stranger. >> who is obsessed with this, mad at romney for what he's being saying about his grandfather. politics is personal. >> beautiful. >> i've always said it, politics is personal. >> chuck, thank you. >> all right, guys. >>> up next, jack girard, president and ceo of the american petroleum institute. "squawk" will be right back. how do you know which ones to fo
the way you can win the electoral college. and some assumptions that bom so far had ohio and virginia, that romney would need to win all these other states where he's down by more than three. but if you can tell me before all the debates who will win ohio, nobody knows will win ohio. i guarantee you, nobody knows who will win ohio. nobody knows any of this stuff. >> and that's why he we have elections. >> on november 6 we'll take a huge poll. and if you poll even 2,000 people, but if you poll 1500 people, you poll this 1500 and you poll that 1500 -- >> some are likely voters, some are -- >> there's a couple things. right track, wrong track is still improved, but still i think right track is 39%. and that was a huge improvement. and then the approval ratings are stubbornly -- some get to 50, but just barely. >> these last rounds are the first that got to 50. >> exactly. so in the booth, have you heard from our awol -- >> they tried calling him and i don't think think they've gotten him. >> i think in the and he were, they would give him the tooth brush and he could go right out to star
. the mcclain virginia property sits on the potomac and the most expensive home to go into foreclosure since the market crashed in 2007, the auction is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. eastern time and diana olick will have more later this morning. >>> when we come back, minutes away from a flood of economic numbers. we'll get durable goods numbers for august and final revision of second quarter gdp. u.s. equity futures are indicated higher, dow futures up by about 78 points. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. at optionsxpress we create easy-to-use, powerful trading tools for all. like our all-in-one trade ticket. we put strategies, chains and positions all on one screen. start trading today with optionsxpress by charles schwab. >>> welcome back. you know that great story we told but the $23 million mansion go
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5